Video Games Age Restrictions

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The future of entertainment depends on the development of technology. Video games are being improved everyday, and the player interactions are changed with these games. Before, there were only 2D games. Today, most games are 3D, and the invention of VR (virtual reality) headsets changed the entire perspective of playing video games. By time, the player becomes more involved in the game, and less involved in real life. The main consumers of violent video games are teens and children. These games expose players to many violent and bloody scenes as fighting enemies, and exposure to dead bodies, weapons and riffles. Many violent video games are created every year, so many might wonder, do violent video games really influence their consumers…show more content…
Ratings inform the buyer about the kind of the game and its content; violence, drugs, abusive content and much more. Parents should accompany their kids and look at the rating of the game to see if it is appropriate for the kid to play it. Video games stores should refuse to offer violent video games with over 18 rating to minors. Most video game clerks in stores do not check if the buyer is age appropriate for the game. In an article by Rebecca Leung, "A boy named Devin Moore, shot two police officers and a 911 dispatcher. The game that influenced him was grand theft auto four; he played countless hours of it". In this game, the player is free to do whatever he wants, the game encourages you to rob and kill anyone in your way, a civilian, gang members or even the police, and you earn stars by doing that. In fact, the whole game is based on committing crimes to be rewarded on later.

To conclude, overplaying video games has many negative effects such as addiction, aggressive behavior, poor social skills, obesity, bad grades and sleep deprivation. But if the right actions are taken by setting the gameplay time, and checking the ratings of the game, before the kid can play it, many negative consequences can be
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