The Negative Effects Of Violent Video Games

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The future of entertainment depends on the development of technology. Video games are being improved everyday, and the player interactions are changed with these games. Before, there were only 2D games. Today, most games are 3D, and the invention of VR (virtual reality) headsets changed the entire perspective of playing video games. By time, the player becomes more involved in the game, and less involved in real life. The main consumers of violent video games are teens and children. These games expose players to many violent and bloody scenes as fighting enemies, and exposure to dead bodies, weapons and riffles. Many violent video games are created every year, so many might wonder, do violent video games really influence their consumers to act aggressively? The number of people getting addicted to videogames every year is increasing, so it 's surely a possibility that video games influence people through the content of each game. Overplaying video games can have many negative effects on teens and children. Most video games focus only on killing and fighting, so repetitive killing can make the player subconsciously insensitive to violence, because he doesn 't just observe violence, he participates in it, so basically, playing violent video games can cause much harm to the player than watching a violent movie on television. When the player plays the violent game, he often earns virtual achievements in the game, which encourages the player to participate in more
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