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It has come to the attention of many law enforcement, doctors, and citizens that the drug Xanax is being often used illegally among teenagers as a source of entertainment, and later addiction. Xanax, sometimes called Alprazolam, is an anti-anxiety drug that has the effect of making whoever takes it feel light and care-free. In the United States, Xanax is commonly prescribed to help with anxiety, and in the United Kingdoms is can be doctor prescribed. Unfortunately, some people get their hands on it through illegal means, and can hurt them self and others because they don’t know how to use it properly. A previous Xanax addiction can have negative effects on one's mental health by causing them paranoia, memory loss, and by extreme stomach pains…show more content…
It’s so common that governments, in attempts to help, will only make the problems worse or cause new ones, while people are still trapped in a vicious cycle of addiction. It’s a hard call on weather or not it’s better to make drugs like Xanax harder to get, since it will turn adicts into dangerous criminals and in the process could kill them or others, and make it harder for people who need those drugs to live their daily lives. Although, a huge plus would be that reducing the availability of drugs could make it harder for new people to become addicted. It seems to me in this case there is no correct answer, and every idea that I can think of or that the government has tried will end in some form of friendly fire. In my opinion, the best course to take in order to help lessen the number of addictions is to one, increase education on the effects of drugs, and two, have a way of making sure people proscribed the drugs will use them safely. Examples of this would be school lessons about drugs at younger ages, with more specific examples of what taking the drugs will do. It’s more effective to tell a child, “don’t touch that stove because it will burn you,” than simply, “don’t touch that stove,” and the same goes with telling kids about drugs. About the doctors, maybe have scitrist check to see if their mental health is good enough to take the drugs, or to make sure the person they are giving the drugs lives with someone

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