The Negative Effects Of Year-Round Schooling

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Would you like to go to a year-round school? Having weeks off and only going for a couple months at a time. Well some people enjoy the time and time off during the school year and some people rather go all year. In the next couple paragraphs I will inform you about many things that connect to year-round schooling. To begin, year-round schooling effects on school budgets. School budgets as in paying for electricity and school food. Another thing is advocates claim a year-round calendar allows school facilities to be used most effectively because they are not sitting empty for months at a time during break. That brings me into my next topic which is absence achievement. Well a year-round schedule might reduce absences because the frequently…show more content…
Some schools roll our remediation programs during the summers to get student to reacquainted with the concepts they learned, and which they hopefully carry over from summer break back to class. Some people find the a noble effort, not every place can afford to include summer school in their local budgets. Have a year-round school doesn’t help with students who have difficulty with attention. The main reason for extending time in the classroom is to learn more. Well for those with difficulty focusing, this is counterproductive. This may lead to behavioral issues, in the classroom which teachers want to avoid. To add on with year-round schooling it has frequent breaks that disrupt family life in both student and teacher. So if a family is planning a getaway, the varied schedule causes major problems in the plan. With that those who are finding it hard to secure child care during the short breaks will find the system difficult to live with. Now that you read this would you like to go to a year round school? Year-round schooling has positive and negative effects on school budget, absence achievement, academic achievement, it will increases respect for teacher, it has a potential to solve overcrowding, students will be able to advance more quickly, summer programs aren’t needed for remediation, it doesn’t help students who have difficulty with attention, and frequent breaks can disrupt family
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