The Negative Effects On Health And Technology

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Waking up in the morning and instantly having your phone in your hand is how a majority of the world has become. People would insist on checking their notifications rather than telling their spouse, family members, or friends around them good morning. The world has become so digital within the 21st century, hence, having such a negative effect on many aspects in the world. These impacts are but not limited to health issues, human interaction, and all of the dangers that can erupt from the internet via technological devices. Technology is one of the most efficient ways that the human race has been able to find cures and save millions of lives across the entire world, but what happens when technology is the reason for your health issues. According to the article Health and Technology, technology can have a large impact on users ' mental and physical health in many different ways (Digital Responsibility). Being overly connected can cause psychological issues such as distraction, narcissism, and even depression on someone 's mental health. Besides affecting users ' mental health, the use of technology can also have negative side effects on physical health, causing vision problems, hearing loss, and neck strain. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to help prevent these health issues. Health issues can be solved through technology, but without good human interaction skills then there would be no way to help solve the health problems. Human interaction unfortunately is
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