The Negative Essay: The Dangers Of Social Media

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Have you ever thought of having, or even have, social media? Social media is a place to share videos and photos with different kinds of people from around the world-including the people you don’t know. However, people don’t know the dangers of it that comes with downloading the app. Social media sites are dangerous because it gives your private information away, causes crime, and it can be a big waste of your time. First, social media lacks users privacy and reveals them to the government. For example, according to the article states, “81% of people surveyed feel "not very" or "not at all" secure when using social media sites to share private information. 48% of people reported some difficulty in managing their privacy…show more content…
For instance, according to the author explains, “Gangs use the sites to recruit younger members, coordinate violent crimes, and threaten other gangs. Sex offenders use social media sites to find victims for sexual exploitation.” This means that criminals can search for people to hurt and/or to use them in such ways. Gangs and sex offenders can automatically stalk your page, earn your trust, and use you for their own purposes without you knowing who they really are, behind the screen. Other crimes include people like you! 40% of teens, (22% girls, 18% boys) have been caught “sexting” or sending nude photos to people they met online. These lead to criminal charges. An example from the site explains, “As a result, teens and adults are being charged with possessing and distributing child pornography, even when the teen took and distributed a photo of him/herself.” Getting charged as an adult as a teen can hurt your reputation. Whenever its your dream job or when you want to babysit for extra money. It hurts your resume when you apply for a new job. They wouldn’t want a criminal working with them. You pressing that “send” button- one tiny mistake- can even ruin your life. Any may argue that social media helps police solve these crimes. However, many criminals don’t talk about them robbing stores, houses, etc, on social media
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