The Negative Impact Of Digital Technology On College Students

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Social networking has changed the way of life in recent times. University student grades have a significant impact on the use of Facebook. Youth today to adapt to new technology and receptive tech savvy. The group of young people to socialize and spend more time online to do research. Students are more focused on social networking, Facebook and other social networking researchers and teachers use educational performance of students discuss the impact that may have. Some researchers, students perform several tasks at the same time and they are skilled at reading between online activities and are able to maintain the balance. Others their digital life (Internet-enabled phones, as more students levels of time spent on social networking Web sites concern about the impact grows, which makes them available online round the clock grade debate that is taking a toll on Facebook use on student academic performance to determine the effects, several research studies have been conducted. In his study of business and economics Hampshire Whittemore School of the University and students use Facebook grade (Martin, 2009) found no relationship between the two. Instead, it was learned that digital technology and online social with no adverse effect on the performance of his class of students has become a part of life.
Interestingly, online networking, students who spent more time than students who did not, had better grades. This is because students did not use digital technology for social,
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