The Negative Impact Of Economic Growth And Natural Resources

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Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Background
Growth and economic development are intimately connected and influence each other. Economic development encourages growth of the economy; instead economic growth is to accelerate the development process. The economic growth is an indication of the success of economic development. In addition having a positive impact on economic development, it also has a negative impact. In terms of positive it was clear that the economic development would enhance the people’s welfare and national income. However, economic development may also negatively affect the sustainability of nature, such as the depletion of natural resources due to excessive exploitation air pollution due to industrial pollution and construction of the infrastructure of the economy that is identical to the destruction of nature. The demands of accelerated economic growth, as was the case in the developing countries, are demanding more and more natural resources are also taken s that cause fewer natural resources inventory. Thus, there is a positive relationship between the number and the quality of natural of natural resources with economic growth, but there is a negative relationship between economic growth and natural resources inventory within the earth. In the current era of globalization, there are some developing countries including Indonesia has experiences environmental quality issue which until now it has always been a national problem that needs to find the

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