The Negative Impact Of Education: The Future Of Technology In Education

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Having reached the highest point of its development, technology has undoubtedly an irreversible impact upon all spheres in human life. Starting from the way it affects our most basic daily routines, to the most far-fetched astronomical or medicinal expansions. Amidst these two poles there is a range of other fields which are inevitably altered due to a myriad number of gadgets with the purpose of making one’s life easier (or harder?!), or a load of social networks to make us communicate better, and ironically, have dangerously limited our face to face conversation. Teachers worldwide feel under pressure of an obligatory implementation of technological devices such as laptops, tablets, TVs (although already obsolete), virtual classrooms, smart boards etc. in their daily classroom. What is the general outcome of including technology in the teaching process? Are teachers creating better educated generations by using computers and the Internet? Are the students evolving into more resourceful knowledgeable beings or is technology just making them more inert by putting the readymade study material a click away? To begin with, universities and schools throughout the world are swarming with gadgets serving the purpose of making students’ and teachers’ lives easier. First of all, the smart board is definitely one of the highest advancements in the educational system. It allows teachers to make the lesson objectives and target study content easily accessible with only one touch.

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