The Negative Impact Of Fast Food In The Modern World

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There’s no doubt that fast food has become an important part of modern living, especially among teenagers. According to research, in the UAE of meals are eaten outside the home. And more than 50% of teenagers eat on average more than one hamburger every three days. The percentage is high and nutritionist are worried, but is fast food really harmful as they say it is? We search in our society in the UAE to make sure that fast food is bad for our health for many reasons, fast food give us a very little nutritional value, lots of children suffer from obese and there are many reasons that make fast food loved by our children, that’s way families and schools should care more about the children food and produce for them a healthy life.

Firstly, Fast food has a negative effects on children health, because it is of very little nutritional value, they teenager made fast food part of their diet and they put their health on risk. According to the opinions of many experts that “fast food is junk food.” Says Jake Hyde. Fast food is of very little nutritional value. It is full of fat especially the harmful type, which is found in meat, butter, cheese and mayonnaise. We need to cut down on fat if we want to stay healthy. Another thing is that fast food contains too much salt and sugar and too many additives. It is also low in vitamins and fiber, because it includes hardly any vegetables. As result, it doesn’t provide us with enough nutrients, just lots of calories. Most

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