The Negative Impact Of Gangs On Society

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Examine and discuss the impact of gangs on society using research evidence to support argument. Introduction When citizens hear about the word gangs, the first thing that comes to mind with most of us are negative thoughts about criminality. This is because of the activities that gang members engage in and the lifestyle that they portray. There is no one true meaning for the term gangs because it is based on the view and interest of the person defining it, the trends, and the changing social aspect of the gang. It is stated that many large communities are at great risk of significant gang activity. Gangs produce negative issues such as fear which deals with loss of economic opportunities; drop in the social status of the area and the destroying of families fabric of society. Throughout this paper we would be looking at gangs in schools, street gangs and youth gangs just to name a few and try to show how they affect the society significantly. Gangs in school can have an adverse effect on teachers, safety officers, principal, social workers and all members of staff as they may fear for their lives if they intervene in gang activities or try to protect a child. As we know the school is an institution for learning and according to the functionalist perspective which deals with various parts of society are seem to be interrelated and taken together they form a complete system. Emile Durkheim saw the school as a system for transmission of societal norms and value and stated

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