The Negative Impact Of Homecoming

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Speaking of the impact of homecoming, we can distinguish two kinds, positive impacts and negative impacts. The positive impact among others: 1. In sociology, increasing the resilience of nations powerful nation created from a strong family, strong family created a powerful personal. Each means we are deciding the strength of a nation. Creating the design strength of the nation will not be separated from our role during this time, if we neglect the culture of family life, is indifferent, apathetic and do not care among family members, the family unity will be threatened, then if the overall experience of a nation, it will create weakness a nation. So the relationship becomes adhesive and creating resilience of the nation. Easiest if our respective…show more content…
However, this practice is done only to the extent they are less aware of the environment, lack of education and religious insight is concerned. 2. The negative effects of the recent habit of migrant workers Capital One ugly culture that can sometimes be found in migrant workers in the capital, for example customs get together to eliminate all the problems of life in the capital. If these workers get together into one group it will be done there is usually inserts liquor as a heated intimacy between them, although this is not always the case. Well unfortunately this bad habit sometimes get carried away when togethers kampong to invite his friends in the village to enjoy munuman hard together. It is difficult for us to say this as a negative thing because it turns out those who have been successful have also done the same. 3.Budaya Negative moral decadence that is difficult to prevent a negative culture is almost a direct effect that can be felt by the family of travelers in the…show more content…
Given that Indonesia is one country with the fastest rate of urbanization in Asia. In 2011, the proportion of urban population in the country reached 51 percent, and by 2025 will reach 68 per cent been anticipated. Now we can not imagine what happened over the next ten years if to this day there has been no signs of an encouraging effort of our solutions. If urbinasasi is a natural process that can not be avoided, and will continue to take place. But the solution can not be considered effective, let alone just a mere act restricting access population to migrate to the city, as it has always done in the form of judicial operations after the Eid, certainly not an effective measure because it does not resolve the core problem. However surely have to find a formula that fits the form of efforts to the promotion of the village as the upper reaches of the main issue is the core. Yes of course however peak of all the real effort to increase the productivity of the rural sector, agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, handicrafts and all that surrounded him, accompanied by other supporting sectors so that the village became more favorable for life livelihoods of its

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