The Negative Impact Of Indian Soap Operas On Indian Society

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Filled with melodramatic plots, unnecessary sound effects and terrible acting, the Indian soap operas are the most popular genre on television. These shows can be seen five days a week and continue to be aired for many years on television, with seeming repetitive storyline. They usually have a female protagonist, who is traditional, yet at the same time independent and strong. Universally, most soap operas focus on issues that are related to women because soap-operas have been since its inception primarily targeted to women. Unlike rest of the world, in India the soaps are watched during prime time which is seven pm onwards by the whole family. So with such a solid viewership it is seems logical that soaps play a role in impacting Indian society as a whole. Given the profound and persuasive impact of Indian soap operas on its viewers, the questions that I will attempt to answer in this essay is why are soap operas so addictive, what are the effects of soap-operas on the behaviour of the viewer, how these shows contribute to the viewer’s concept of reality, and examine if these shows help in educating and informing viewers of the existing evils in Indian society. The target audience for soap operas are mainly women, as they feel connected to soap operas since they can relate their own personal life to the show. But in many shows like Bade Acche lagte hain where 30% of their viewers are men because the main interest for men was business, power and wealth. People typically

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