The Negative Impact Of Information Technology On The Tourism Industry

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The nNegative impacts of information technology in tourism It would be impossible if glitches or negative energy never existed around technology. These are learning curves as stated by Buhalis, D, Law, R (2008). Many journal articles wrote by Buhalis, D focus on the benefits of information technology particularly on stakeholders such as the consumer. Consequently, information technology can be a demon in the consumer’s eyes. Buhalis, D and Law, R (2008), have thus found the consumer is confident with their purchasing decision, until the online check out is reached. Now psychological obstacles are obvious. As society has turned cashless, the fear lies in using a plastic credit card as a method of payment. Consumers do not feel comfortable providing bank details, home addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses virtually. Cyber-crimes including vacation fraud and identity fraud are becoming the norm. Tourism organisation are aware such crimes will be present for many years as they have become advanced in their approach. To warrant consumers do not let aspirations such as their luxury weekend away vanish, tourism industries develop secure alliances with payment portals such as PayPal. Self-assured consumers feel brave to make the purchase. To develop strong customer retention, tourism industries must continue to reassure consumers the safety their payment system provides. Reiterating the work of Buhalis, D (1998) on the limitations of competitive advantage in tourism are

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