Online Banking Case Study

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Prior technology experience, especially prior computer experience have been found to impact consumers' beliefs about related systems and information technology (DeLone, 1988; Liberia et al., 1995). Au et al. (2000) extended this idea to the observation that the more experience consumer has about technology, the better will she understand new technologies and their ramifications. Thus, consumer's familiarity with technologies in general facilitates her appreciation of the potential added value which is inherent in a technology.
Trochaic and Jana (2000) introduce this logic to the realm of the Internet by arguing that consumers' adoption rate of the Internet is associated with their past experiences with the technologies. Non-users' negative
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Through internet banking consumers can have easy access to their account wherever they are. The introduction of e-banking has brought the concept of “Anytime Anywhere Banking”. For example if a client is out of country and has a problem of money, the client is able to access his or her account from anywhere given that there is internet access.
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Internet banking is considered as a norm for almost all banks since it is and may be a useful competition tool for bank to attract new customer and retained existing one. The bank makes use of the internet as means to increase business status for innovation (Yakhlef, 2001). It is easier for bank to introduce new products and services thereby attracting new customers. But innovations in banking products can be easily replicated and therefore make it hard to sustain a leading edge over their rivals (Lymperopoulos and Chaniotakis). 2.10.5 Consumer acceptance of internet banking
On searching literature review we found different factor that encourages consumer to use and accept internet banking channel. Li et al (1999) argued that understanding of the internet channel, convenience, perceived accessibility, familiarity and utility are key factors that influenced the adoption of electronic banking by
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The only thing you have to do is sit in front of a computer enter your user ID and password then we can start our banking transaction in privacy it prevent consumer from waiting long hours in queue at the banking

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