The Negative Impact Of Interpersonal Communication

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Interpersonal communication otherwise known as dyadic communication refers to all conversations that occur between two people or that is face-to-face. New communication technology such as social media sites have both positive and negative aspects, however it can be seen that it has a much bigger negative impact on interpersonal communication which will be explained through an example about Facebook.
Communication Technologies Explained
New communication technologies allow people from all over the world to connect with one another and form relationships, however social media sites such as Facebook have an impact on relationships. In the modern day and age most relationships are formed online and according to the hyperpersonal theory explained
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Communication technologies have a great effect on society which is both positive and negative to interpersonal communication.
Positive Impacts On Interpersonal Communication
Making Friends
Facebook has allowed us to communicate and connect with people all over the world at an increased speed. Making friends is no longer seen as a difficult task, one can be friends with hundreds of people on Facebook which may or may not include people with whom you spend time with in the real world. As our relationships grow online, we begin to share more and more with one another which means that we are able to empathize with each other and so social media can act as a therapy session.
Instant Stardom
Due to individuals sharing information such as videos and articles, they are able to educate themselves, Facebook “likes” are positive on a human beings because it helps with self-esteem and social acceptance. Personalizing a profile can create a sense of independence and posting a video allows thousands of individuals to view talent and artists gain popularity through the

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