The Negative Impact Of Media's Impact On Youth And Youth

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Media is playing a vital role in an individual’s life, and promoting both negative and positive aspects among the viewers, or in other words we can say media has changed our life style or our way of life. Media has very serious impact on the viewers, viewers are bound to believe what they see on a television because media presents their idea in a way which formulates the mindset of an audience in a way which force them to agree upon on all the elements which are being showed by the media channels.

The article states the clinical impact on the children who spends majority of time in front of the television, young children who spends their majority time in front of the television (in watching cartoons or movies) are badly effected by the media elements. These effected elements are not limited to young children even adolescents are the victims of the same issue. This article has been presented by “EUGENE V BERESIN, M.D.” (Director of Children and Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training Massachusetts General Hospital and McLean Hospital). He believes that our advance media is forming bad impression on the youth, young children adopt many things what they see on a television and try to impose on their daily lives which might be a serious trouble for them. He wrote this article after doing a great research over his issue and interviewed many doctors and parents. Mr. V Beresin is a doctor and faced many issues related to media impact on youth and he has written that i have seen

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