The Negative Impact Of Modern Science On The Development Of Religion

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i. The negative impact of modern science on the development of religion
Not only positive impact, science also has negative impact on religion. Many negative things done by humans by using science. In the 21st century the phenomenon of globalization is characterized by technological developments. The progress of science in this modern era has become an important thing because it can cope with human problems. But modernization tends to abandon the normative / traditional values and is replaced by modern day norms that are sometimes contrary to religious values. It is certainly a new disaster and challenge for religion, because it will have a negative impact on all life.

Many science that violate the rules of religion, among others:
• Cloning
Cloning is the process of producing individuals of a genetically identical with the same type . Cloning is also divided into several parts such as cloning in animals, plants, even humans. The most famous in history is cloning against an adult sheep which then produces a sheep named sheep dolly sheep was born on July 5, 1996 and died at the age of 14 february 2003 According to the religious view of cloning carried out primarily in humans in any way the law is haram. However cloning of animals and plants may be made as long as it does not refer to negative things. "Is not he a drop of semen that is shed (into the womb), then the semen becomes a clot of blood, then Allah created it, and perfected it." (QS al-Qiyaamah: 37-38)
• Euthanasia
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