The Negative Impact Of Social Media And Its Impact On Society

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The Impact of Social Media

In general, the definition of social media is online media. Social media is media who used by many people for various activities such as communicating, interacting, and getting complete information. The development of social media, especially in Indonesia on its user is very rapid. That 's because there is development of internet infrastructure such as wifi. Social media invites anyone who interested to participates in commenting and sharing information in quick and unlimited time. Examples of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. Social media has some negative impact in society and individuals. The first negative impact of social media is can make some people feel stressful or depressed. From social media sites, we can see what people share in cyberspace such as pictures, whereabouts, and personal information. Therefore, we must choose what is good for our lives and leave the less good. Otherwise, we will experience depression or stress from comparing our own lives with the lives of others. It could also, when we share information in social media, then others see it and bully us with painful words, it can cause stress and depression. And when peoples feel stressful, maybe they will do something unreasonable. The second negative impact of social media is can make some people addicted. In today 's world, we can see many people often or even spend their time using social media. Frequent use of social media
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