The Negative Impact Of Social Media On Teens

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Kids today face a whole new challenge... Social media. In the last century technology has flourished from the rise of smartphones to new social media apps popping up by the day. As social media becomes central in our day to day lives it is important to step back and look at the impact of social media on teenagers. Social media affects teens in a negative way because it is a bad influence, can be unsafe, and can be a major distraction.

First, social media can be a bad influence. Because anyone can post on social media there is lots of opinions and false information about things. For example, when it comes to drugs social media often finds a way of giving false information or saying it 's cool. All it takes is one teen to believe this and then peer-pressure sets in. Peer pressure can ruin have serious impacts when people start doing drugs, or engaging in other dangerous activities. Teens are more likely to submit to peer-pressure because they want to be cool. Not only does social media facilitate drug use it also promotes materialism. When social media shows a certain brand as being "cool" then there is often pressure to buy the same stuff. Social media is creating a constant pressure to fit in and have more stuff. When teens stop using social media they will make better choices and start enjoying life more.

Second, social media is often unsafe. Social media can often lead to cyberbullying. In a survey by CBS, 42% of the participants reported they had been victims
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