The Negative Impact Of Social Networking On Students

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Social networking is defined as a service that helps in building social relationships and interactions. With the advancement in technology, social sites have simplified to enable links with friends, family members, schoolmates and colleagues in a very short time. It has become possible to share media, for instance images, videos, documents and text messages. Social media has changed the way in which people interact. Social networking sites have attracted millions of users and provide them with new information and communication tools. So far, several sites have been introduced for this purpose like Facebook, MySpace, Bebo, Cyworld, Yahoo, Orkut, Flicker, Skyblog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Catster and many others. A wide range of technical features are offered by networking sites, the major one being the list of online friends who are the users of this system. Every individual is required to generate his or her own profile on the basis of several questions involving their name, gender, age, place, likes or dislikes, etc. Apart from profiles, people can make comments, message instantly, share videos and images with others [1].
Though social networking has proven to be a boom in the modern era, it also has many negative impacts on the users with various long term consequences. The main purpose of this article is to discuss the negative impact of social media mainly on students and other people of society.
Influence of Social networking on students
One of the negative
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