The Negative Impact Of Standardized Testing On Children

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Did you know that the multiple choice format used on standardized test doesn 't have any effect on a child 's learning ability. And yet, kids all over the United States are taking these tests yearly. For the past decade, the idea of standardized testing has been debated. The purpose of the testing is to help students learn concepts they can use as they get older and start to get serious jobs. But studies show that these tests have no effect on the children the way they were intended to work. These Tess have no impact on student achievement, are stressful for many children, and can affect teachers negatively. Standardized tests don 't help students learn and grow as a whole. One reason standardized don 't help students is because they…show more content…
Another reason standardized tests aren 't a good way of teaching children is that they are stressful and pointless. Studies were done that show standardized tests cause sever anxiety and stress, even in the sharpest students. Researcher Gregory J. Cizek says that these tests cause gripping anxiety, causing younger students to vomit, cry, or both(7). Another example, NCLB standards are different in every state, meaning the comparison between states education is pointless. Evidence shows that in some states, students of the same grade level were shown to be answering mostly open-ended and essay questions, while in other states, students were answering mostly multiple-choice and short answer questions(120).More evidence shows that the multiple choice format some states are using for standardized tests are a useless assessment tool. Research says that it only allows kids to think of the right and wrong answers, and use a very simple way of thinking, which does not connect to real-life…show more content…
Finally, standardized test are unfair to teachers, who are the ones teaching our children the “knowledge” they need to know as an adult. First up, standardized tests are very imprecise on the way they evaluate teachers and their way of teaching. According to a report by the Annenberg for School Reform, over 17% of teachers on Houston, Texas were ranked in the top category on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills test, and yet they were ranked in the two lowest categories for Stanford Achievement Test(30). Next, this very disappointing because using the tests to reward and punish teachers causes them to cheat for their own benefit. This impacts our children 's education negatively. According to USA Today, 178 public school teachers and staff from 44 schools were caught cheating on tests in a July 2011 state report(155).Lastly, reasoning shows that there has been many errors in distribution of the tests, and the actual use of the test as well in 2004 and 2005. Evidence show that in 2005 had replaced the test publisher with the American Institutes for Research, but had to re-grade 98,000 tests after student received scores for handing in blank
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