The Negative Impact Of Technology And Children

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Technology has changed society in many ways, and has improved the world greater than anything else. The Millennial generation has been shaped by technology in unique ways unlike past generations. Future generations will also be highly influenced by technology. This can bring very positive, but also negative effects on the population. In order to find how people from different generations are being affected by technology, it is best to analyze the relationship between technology and children, young adults both in higher education and the workforce, and older people.
When used appropriately, technology can help aid young children in learning, however, while effective in some areas, it cannot teach valuable social skills developed through real-life interaction. Educational television programs, interactive apps, and e-books are examples of technology that can help children learn by promoting reading and academic skills. Some of these tactics work better than others, depending on the age of the child. For instance, Jenny Radesky, Jayna Schumacher, and Barry Zuckerman from the Boston Medical Center have found that children under the age of 30 months learn better from real-life interactions and interactive media than from watching television (2015). As mentioned before, technology can be a great tool, but should not be used for every situation. These methods of teaching are best for concrete knowledge, however, as overuse can have drawbacks in regards to other skills,

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