The Negative Impact Of Technology And Its Impact On The World

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Technology has become a very significant tool around the world. It is quite impossible to see life without it. We are surrounded by technological gadgets that are essential for our everyday living. Even the least developed countries use technology in their everyday lives. The use of technology cannot be considered a luxury anymore, it is a need nowadays. The outstanding impact of technology in the world can have some controversial aspects, but one thing is true, it can make our lives a lot easier with the appropriate use. (Mercado 107)
One of the greatest advantages of technology for all human beings is the chance to increase productivity in less time. Being able to perform tasks faster and better make people create new ways to implement technology in their lives. How can technology be used in our lives depends on the use we assign to this tool. Each generation becomes acquainted with technology, finding endless ways to use it creatively, in order to change habits or to create new things. (Reilly 4)
Youngsters are totally submerged in a digital world that is totally unfamiliar for adults and a good number of educators, who at times cannot understand why they spend so much time with their devices. For a new generation it is very easy to explain their digital behavior. They cannot be separated from technology because they have to be in contact with the world around them. They need to know what is going on. Since technology allows them to expand their worldview
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