The Negative Impact Of Technology In The World

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It is true that people are continuously losing jobs in developing countries especially in the manufacturing sector. In the old times everything used to be done manually, starting from placing each equipment into the product to the packaging of the product. But now, robots are taking place of humans and getting the work done in a faster pace. This is safer for humans as they won’t have to work in dangerous areas, but most of these workers are low-class people and they have chances of not being employed anymore as they don’t have the ability to do any other advanced jobs that are being created by the new technology. On the other hand, technology is making life easier for humans. New softwares are being innovated which helps businesses to get their work done faster and in an easier way. There are chances of getting jobs that involve staying at home and working. This is a great opportunity for mothers who would want to stay at home and take care of their children as well as work. Technology help employees to get in touch with each other outside workplace; if they would have anything important to discuss, through online logger system software. Future Scenarios While carrying out this research, I’ve read through a lot of articles stating that technology is effecting jobs which leads to people being unemployed resulting to poverty. This problem is possibly going to grow in the future as we can see that technology is becoming more enhanced day by day. Technology is boosting
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