The Negative Impact Of The Women's Reform Movement

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Nobody wants to talk about the women's reform movement and Nobody wants to be reminded about it. Nobody wants to be reminded of how devoted women were to gain their right to vote in order to achieve a reform. The women's reform movement began in 1848 and went on until 1920. The women's reform movement consist of peculiar reform movements pertaining to women's rights, such as abolition, suffrage, temperance, and education. History was greatly impacted by this reform movement, essentially when women gained their right to vote. Accordingly, the women's movement had social, economic and political effects on todays society. The Women's reform movement affected history due to social and economic changes. Reform movements drafted menacing power…show more content…
The portrayal of women and their political, economic, and social opportunities in American society backtracked greatly from the pre Revolutionary War era to the early twentieth century. In the years that lead up to the American Revolution, women were viewed as “subordinate to males” and were a subject to the laws and regulations appointed simultaneously by men. Women were expected to marry, raise families, and perform the duties of laborious wives and mothers. By virtue of the male dominated organization of society, women frequently did not have legal rights, like the ability to vote or own property. However, as the years progressed toward the Civil War and Reconstruction, the social, economic, and political roles of women slowly began to change. Women’s clothing became more fashionable. Their clothing, demonstrated the desire and ability of women to remove themselves from the patriarchal society. Although the majority of married women still worked in the home, it was not uncommon for women, primarily those who became widows during the Civil War, to earn their working wages. Although the social and economic changes brought about greater rights for women, perhaps the most significant shift during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries was embraced of the political
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