The Negative Impact Of Uniforms On American Society

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Mikhail Pinto Composition 2 Dr Campbell 08/03/2016 The bright side of uniforms Uniformity has developed a negative impact on the American society. Unlike nations such as China and Japan, America is a place that provides the students values like individuality and self-expression. These values are most significant among American children, especially when it comes to middle and high school students. This is one of the reasons why uniforms are frowned upon in public schools. At times, some parents and children oppose uniforms in public schools argue that uniforms would take away individuality and not allow the student to show his/her personality through clothing. But these parents and their children are missing the sole purpose of school in the…show more content…
Indirectly school uniforms will help increase the safety in schools. Most gang members are perceived that they are in a gang through the color combinations of their clothes. Take, for instance, blood represented by the color red and hell represents the color black. There won 't be any room to promote gang activity if everyone is wearing that same school uniform. The department of education was reported, when school dress became a mandatory policy in public schools, incidents of vandalism went down by a massive 69% and cases of assault decreased by a whopping 85%, which are both know forms of gang activities. Students are against the concept of wearing school uniforms because they believe they would be unable to express their personality through the combinations in clothes, but safety outweighs individuality. In addition to safety, the perception that students are individuals through their clothing is a folk tale. Everyone shops at the same shops that are trending in the market and various people buy the same clothes. Every person looks almost alike. In a similar way, there is no difference between people wearing similar clothes and students wearing the same uniform. On top of that, a student’s individuality should not be based only upon on his or her appearance but in accordance with his/her grades, attitude, and behavior. School uniform will help refocus the student’s attention towards education. School uniforms will help prevent bullying in public schools. Some students attending school have pretty low income and won’t be able to afford their clothes thus putting them at risk. Some of these students can’t afford it and would wait for a big or clearance sale to hit the store that’s why they would most likely be able to buy. These are the students that are picked on in school and made fun off and
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