The Negative Impact On The Media And Body Image

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According to Finley (2012) “average young woman’s perception of her body is fat”, we live in an era where perfection is the requirement to be accepted by society. An era where body image is so important for anything you do, people judge others by their looks rather than abilities or interests. Our role models are no longer an inspiration because of their ideas or contributions, a role model now days are those who can fit perfectly in body suits or tight dresses. We aspire for thinness and perfection, so, what is this thing that is making today’s youth in our forever quest for beauty? Media has been present since long time ago, they presented the ultimate fashion or the ideal body. Media advertisement is our new tool to get into the young mind, to obtain something from them “buy this brand and look like the model we have, you will be loved ’’ or “ looking like thin model will give you popularity”. Women have been the more affected by this media shaming phenomenon “Studies indicate many people, especially women, measure their self-worth based on appearance” (Finley, 2012).To understand more about how media show a negative effect on our body image, we firstly need to understand what body image and media are. According to Psychology today “Body image is the mental representation one creates, but it may or may not bear close relation to how others actually see you” the perception of our own mental representation and it can be affected by several other factors such as mood,
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