The Negative Impact On The Natural Environment

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Although escalation of filling stations in all parts of the world is considered economically important, it still has a negative impact on the natural environment (Kruger, 2012). The negative implications of filling station proliferation are deforestation, water sources contamination, air, land and noise pollution. 2.4.1 Deforestation For the filling stations to be established, land should be cleared in preparation for the coming development, hence one can say filling station establishment results in deforestation. A study done by Johnson and Lewis (2007) imparts that trees are of importance to the environment since they help anchor the soil. For this reason deforestation remains a burden to the natural environment. Due to deforestation there is likely to be habitat destruction; with the change in land use species lose their habitats. 2.4.2 Water source contamination Before the establishment of fuel stations, water sources should be considered as part of the natural environment. As fuel contains Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) according to Kruger (2012) “spills and leaks due to filling station activities could result in pollution of the surrounding water resources”. If fuel is not handled wisely during delivery, storage and dispensing in the rainy seasons it will be flushed downstream threatening aquatic biodiversity. 2.4.3 Air, land and noise pollution Dust produced during construction and Volatile Organic Compounds released from fuel emitted into the environment

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