Raising Animals: The Unwelcome Effects Of Invasive Species

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No. Let nature take its course. Many people say that bringing back extinct animals would drastically improve the ecosystem. However, the habitats of many of the animals that people are trying to bring back have mostly been changed or destroyed. This means the animals may have to relocate, which would result in it being an invasive species, and we all know the unwelcome effects of invasive species. You would have to revive a natural predator and prey for that specific animal to prevent it from disrupting the fragile ecosystem. This itself would cost us millions of dollars, and probably raise taxes. Raising taxes aren’t good.(As of 3/6/18, America is $20,867,726,890,754.58 in debt, and there is $223.3 trillion dollars of world debt)
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Using that same logic, however, that means God killed the animals off for a special reason. Why, I don’t know. Like they sometimes say, God works in mysterious ways. (I’m not religious, so maybe I’m not qualified to use this as a reason. But still, I think that’s how it works...)
Still speaking of what Marlo said,--I know, maybe you don’t entirely agree with what she presented, but you two were on the same side--she asked us “What if humans went extinct?” I personally think that then all the animals and the whole world, frankly, would be better off. After all, we are the main cause for the extinction of many species. Over time the Earth would fix all of the havoc and damage caused by people, and it would be an almost perfect haven, with a balanced ecosystem.
Animal activists may think that it would beneficial to the animals. However, you also have to think about the animal itself. Some of these creatures are intelligent enough to feel some emotions, like love and fear. Imagine being uprooted from your home into an entirely different place that’s both hotter and smaller than your original home. That’s what the animals will instinctively know, if not feel. It’s just cruel to the species. Some may say, “Oh, it’s a second chance!” But nature is the survival of the fittest. It’s harsh and unfair, and gives no second
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