The Negative Impacts Of Education

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Nelson Mandela once stated “ Education is the powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ” ("United Nations Resources for Speakers on Global Issues - Home", 2016). Education is undoubtedly the key component to happiness and prosperity. Recently a debate has been triggered over the issue whether school is bad for children. Though many parents and students argue that school has negative impacts on children’s mental and physical development, there are mounting evidence that schools offer many advantages to children.
Many people acknowledge that learning at school is a passive process. Holt (1969) maintained that schools orient students to absorb the information rather than integrate them. Schools only force the students to think and behave in the same so-called standard. In the other words, school kills students’ curiosity, creativity and independence. However, such arguments ignore the fact that nowadays the majority of schools’ pedagogy is transforming into student-centered learning and teaching .The heart of this approach is the collaboration between students and teachers. McComs and Whistle ( as cited in Froyd & Simpson) claimed that in student-centered learning environments, students are treated as co-creators in the learning process, as individuals with ideas and issues that deserve attention and consideration. This allows students to develop essential 21st century skills such as critical thinking, creativity and communication skills. Besides, research have
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