The Negative Impacts Of Educational Technology

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Educational technology can be defined as the effective use of technological tools in the education field (Richey, 2008). According to Megan Donley, technology is now playing a large role in the education field (2012). In this essay teachers can be defined as the people who provide education and the learners are the people who receive it, the process of which can be involved with different technological elements. In order to explain this issue, both the impact on teachers and learners have to be interpreted. This essay will focus on how technology assist education on teachers and learners respectively. Afterwards, the problems and negative impacts will be displayed and discussed.

Technology is a teaching aid. According to Manali Oak, many technological tools used in teaching, as audio-visual medium, can make the process more interactive, and hence, invoke interest from the students. (2012). He also states that it is made possible for teachers to reach a large number of students at the same time, owing to the addressing of systems using microphones and speakers; and even reach students in others areas, because of the application of internet. Technology can be a “force multiplier” for the teacher. Instead of the teacher being the only source of help in a classroom, students can access web sites, online tutorials and other resources to assist them with the help of Internet technology. Time constraints has also been eliminated. Education no longer stops at the end of the school
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