The Negative Impacts Of Modern Technology

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Before the modern technology arrives, our lives were simple, without it, it will be entirely different. But now, there are a lot of hectic technologies like telephones, television, automobiles, etc Barden & Hacker (1987). It has been everywhere around us. According to Barden & Hacker (1987), technologies are often taken for granted. People nowadays depends on it in order to fulfill their basic needs. Besides, it made our lives more comfortable, healthy and productive. However, overuse of these advancements can damage their personal progress, communication, and educational department. Furthermore, human beings do not mind what will be the result if he/she used too much technology, without thinking what will happen. Of course, people are part of the universe; therefore one must use it wisely. Although it can help in our everyday life, it can also create effects.

According to Martin (2013), there are negative impacts of technology. First is the “elevated exasperation”. Nowadays, children indulge themselves in internet, games or texting. These activities have affected their lifestyle negatively. For instance, when parents tell their children to eat, children will get furious instantly, because they are addicted to playing online games that they cannot leave it behind. This behavior may affect parent-children relationships. They are not only being dependent but also they are being addicted to it. Second, is the “deteriorated Patience”. This happens when someone is surfing on
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