Reality Television's Influence On Culture

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In this world of advanced technology where people are connected to the internet like neurons are connected in a giant brain. The television has become the spotlight technology in today’s generation. Generation after generation people are evolving and getting more advanced, so has the way producers are using television as a source to persuade the audience. Especially, reality show directors use every information they possibly can about the contestants to make their show popular in the culture. The reality television impacts the world in a negative way. Reality television influences the culture by giving the young girls ' false expectations, stereotypes, and racism. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. God has created us all equally. Then…show more content…
However, if it 's not done the way it is supposed to be, it’s considered immoral. As we are evolving with our culture, so has the stereotypes we have created as the society about many years ago. Stereotypes do not really change over time. Reality television uses this stereotypes as a weapon to convince their audience that whatever is shown on the television is correct. Because that 's what we have been taught, instead of breaking stereotypes and using their popularity to bring change in the world, they use it to make more profits. As Lucia Palmer, emphasis in her article “Sluts, Brats and sextuplets" that “Children are defined as dependent, powerless, and ignorant, which constructs adults as independent, powerful, and knowing (Holland, 2004)." (P.135). Showing this type of images as if, children are dependents, powerless, and ignorant makes the children feel as if they are and they cannot do anything about it. Because that’s what others think of them as. Its influencing children behaviors to be the way it’s shown on the television. In today 's ' generation, children are exposed to the television at a very young age. Exposing children to the television is exposing them to many other areas at the same time. At young age whatever children have been taught stays with them forever. On the television, they usually use this stereotype of a male being dominant and female being dependent on a man. If children are seeing this…show more content…
All humans are equal, but their mindsets are different. All humans have red color blood. All humans have the same way of reproducing. Then how come, in reality shows, one race has an advantage over others. Usually in the American reality shows black and brown race has always been representing as negative and white race as positive. In the article "Ghetto Bitches, China Dolls, and Cha Cha Divas” Jennifer Pozner suggested that "…media image functioned as visual propaganda, working to convivence whites that Black people were not quite human."(p. 9). 12. If media decides to do something, then they take every possible chance they can take to achieve it. No matter what it takes? If it takes to insult someone’s’ race to gain ratings for their show. They will not even hesitate for a moment, they will do it. It is just unbelievable to see how one human can mistreat another. Reality television producers use same strategies to make their show get more views. They use the name reality to gain attention and then portrays the character the way they want the audience to see. In conclusion, the reality television impacts the world in a negative way. Reality television influences the culture by giving the young girls ' false expectations, stereotypes, and racism. Reality television has the power to influence people, so if they start using their power in the correct way then every problem connecting to the world of technology would be
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