The Negative Impacts Of Reality Television And Its Effects On Culture

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In this world of advanced technology where people are connected to the internet like neurons are connected in a giant brain. The television has become the spotlight technology in today’s generation. Generation after generation people are evolving and getting more advanced, so has the way producers are using television as a source to persuade the audience. Especially, reality show directors use every information they possibly can about the contestants to make their show popular in the culture. The reality television impacts the world in a negative way. Reality television influences the culture by giving the young girls ' false expectations, stereotypes, and racism. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. God has created us all equally. Then why do we as humans, find one person attractive and the other unattractive? Women must deal with this all the time. Especially young girls. They are young, and they do not understand the difference between real vs reel. It 's the parents’ job to make sure that their children know the difference between whatever is being shown is fictional or non-fictional. Cosmetic companies and reality shows such as America 's next top model portray such pictures of women being so perfect with clear skin, skinny body, and fair skin color that it sets an expectation for other girls or women who watches it to have a perfect body. Which is “permanently lowering their self- esteem, because they will never be able to meet those impossible standards"
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