The Negative Impacts Of Social Media

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SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is a place to socialize with each other and done online that allows humans to interact with each other without being limited space and time. Social media technologies take on various forms including magazines, internet forums, weblogs, and social blogs. Social media can be accessed easily via mobile phone or laptop or other divices with internet connection. In this era of social media is very much that use from among children , adolescent until adult. Social media is increasingly sophisticated over time. With the increasing sophistication of social media ease of use is also increasingly easy. This is what causes all people can use social media but behind the ease of use a social media there is a negative impact of social media. Social media basically get people to see the screen mobile phone or laptop or other tools in the long time. In this case many losses that we can like the eyes become tired and demaged, according to the minister of empowerment and child protection about eight percent children who use glasses for the use of information technology. Social media allows people to share data in the form or photos or video. But with this ease many oeiole are abusing, so pornographic appear in social media a lot of children in the end watch porn video of social media and theled to the emergence of free sex amongteens. Social media to make people so lazy go out and socialize because of social media to make people convenient for yourself. This
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