The Negative Impacts Of Technology's Impact On Society And Environment

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Technology has extremely modified exactly how persons have interaction. Technologies have confidently switched civilization using a substantive way. It includes converted treatments, promoting, construction, retail and hospitality between other businesses. At a various measure, they have altered how women and men interact and get in touch over the boundaries of geography and time. But all technologies come with risks. Take for example robotics, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) – three trends that were amply represented. Technology can have positive and negative impacts on individuals, society and the environment. Humans have the capability and responsibility to constrain or promote technological development. Technology, by itself, is neither good nor bad, but decisions about the use of products or systems can result in desirable or undesirable consequences. Basic technological literacy is necessary to make informed decisions about technology and its impacts. Technological…show more content…
In the beginning of our technical evolution, more emphasis was placed on development of a solution and less on the implications it may have on society or the environment. Early technical development, because of a smaller knowledge base and lack of communication, was very slow and sometimes took hundreds of years. As we progressed through time and developed more ideas and solutions, it became easier and faster. Increased knowledge, communication and writing, and the ability to improve current products played an important role in the change process. Ex: Computers, televisions, phones, etc. The choices we make can have long lasting positive or negative effects to our future. Even if we make good choices, the results of those choices will affect individuals, society, environment, and future
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