The Negative Impacts Of The Internet And Society's Impact On Society

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Technology, the word derived from two Greek words techne and logos. Before the 20th century, technology was formerly known as useful arts. In general, the technology can be classified as the application of human knowledge that can be very useful for the mankind. The technology and human cannot be separated and the technology development begin as human learn how to create fire. Internet is a part of technology created. It begins in 1969 when US Defense Department created ARPAnet as computer networking effort (Hart, 2003). Then it through a lot of transformation until what we get now. At first it was created to make people work easier but then it started to develop as one of the moral killer in society. The Internet has brought negative impacts on society as it provide unfiltered information, lead to sedentary lifestyle and cyber fraud. Based on Internet Society (2014) report, the number of online Internet user recorded in May 2014 is 2,893,587,260. It is almost 45% of the world population using Internet and it shows that most of the people used Internet for many purpose likes social networking, communication and entertainment. When we talk about social networking, there are almost 100 different social network that can be used in Internet likes Instagram, Twitter and Blogster. Other than that, people also used Internet to promote their products and find gossip about famous people either celebrity or even royals family. By the end of 2014, the number of Internet user will reach

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