The Negative Impacts Of The Japanese Diet

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In the last fifty years, Japan has been undergoing a series of considerable changes such as the development in technology, the improvement of its economy and the changes of its culture through westernization. Westernization is a phenomenon which consists of countries transformed by ideals, concepts and practices from western countries. Japan is a country which is known for its deep changes caused by this phenomenon, especially in the food industry. In only the last fifty years, the well known traditional Japanese diet has been transformed completely. The aim of this essay is to address the what makes a balanced and unbalanced diet and what are their effects on our lives. This essay will also discuss the changes in the Japanese diet caused by westernization and both the positive and negative impacts said changes have had in Japan.

Having and maintaining a balanced diet is essential to having and leading a healthy life. Even if one might not be fully aware of it, the food one intakes has a huge toll on many aspects of our physical and mental health. Having a balanced and therefore healthy diet boosts ones immune system and reduces the risks of illnesses and diseases and other health conditions such as obesity, kidney stones, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and disorders revolving around bones and connective tissues (Robbins 2014) (Schuna). A balanced diet also leads to the improvement of one’s state of mind which consists of a more focused and energetic lifestyle (Robbins
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