The Negative Impacts Of The Pursuit Of Happiness

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Although money can create a better life for people with more resources and opportunity, it can have a negative effect when it is valued too highly. Our American wealth driven and materialistic culture inhibits the pursuit of happiness because it prioritizes wealth and material possessions, which are all external markers of success, at the cost of our character development. This ultimately makes us less satisfied with ourselves because no matter how much we posses we cannot expect to be happy if we are not at peace with ourselves. Happiness is much more than the fleeting feeling of joy or euphoria we experience when something goes well in our lives. This simplistic view of happiness would mean that happiness would be out of our reach for more than a few weeks at a time, thereby making us unable to provide any real sense of meaning to our lives. Happiness goes much deeper than the material world, and it is only when we choose to look within and see that for ourselves can we ever hope to have any chance at attaining genuine happiness. How can we expect to gain anything of value from external sources if we are not satisfied with the person we are? The outside world is constantly changing and many times we have no control over it, therefore, it would be more beneficial to focus on looking inward considering you are the only person you can make a successful attempt to change. Happiness is often sought after in outside sources because it is much easier than asking ourselves
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