The Negative Implications Of Rap Music

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The world is living in the digital period where data are passed on and received in a jiffy. Technology has given exceptional upgrades to our reality, being a continuous source of amusement and distraction, linking communication whenever you like, and a ton more. Then again, innovation has additionally had negative consequences for society. As the innovation of technology keeps on advancing at such a quick pace these issues are increasing continuously. Technology was originally invented to make our lives easier and less demanding but as it keeps advancing, our social and physical well being also environment keep on worsening. This paper examines the roles of media in helping the degradation of society in the digital period and ways for society…show more content…
Every era will have its own style and patterns of music that rouses that particular time on what to say, wear or act. Albert (2009) claims that music is something that everybody can associate with and as it keeps on evolving, so will society. Tune in into radio stations or surf into television channels and endless current mainstream music will be played, repeatedly. While some of the songs are catchy, the meanings behind some songs are extremely provocative. Rap music is known for its reputation for being misogynistic. These days, mainstream rap music contains offensive verses about ladies and features normally half-naked ladies with agendas of getting more viewers. Hip-hop music has convinced society that this is how women should be treated by men and how men can embrace the ‘gangster’ image. Studies have shown that the rate of young boys acting violently in public expanded after these sorts of thug life has been shown in rap music…show more content…
One of them being binge drinking. Many teenagers venture into experimentation as they explore through transitional experience into adulthood which can lead to drinking. Weekends are generally loved by most youngsters, as youngsters are anticipating big plans. Some may be chilling with companions, discovering a film or heading off to a show. Despite what have been arranged, one thing is for sure; liquor will be a part of many youngsters’ weekend plans. There are various numbers of advertisements promoting alcohol in the media that could contribute to this issue. According to an interview, some teenagers drink because their friends would like them more as they act differently under intoxication. However, the dangers of binge drinking can outweigh the benefits of it. Adolescents who start drinking at an early age have an extended possibility of creating liquor dependency. Hitting the bottle hard, drink driving and unsafe sex can all result from the abuse of liquor. People who frequently engage in binge drinking are more likely to develop alcoholism and alcoholism has increased risk of homicide, suicide, child abuse, domestic violence, hypertension, heart attack and sexually transmitted infections. Not only can teen drinking and alcohol use potentially cause serious health issues but it may also account for what got the teen into the sexual encounter. Pandika (2013)

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