The Negative Influence Of Cleopatra On Ancient Rome

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Due to Cleopatra efforts, she made Egypt wealthier and more powerful. Cleopatra was misunderstood, thinking she was an evil temptress, the Romans refused to trust her. They believed she was a bad negative influence on the civilization. Cleopatra is of the ten queens portraits of women of power, Cleopatra is also known the evil woman in history. The evidence that the archeologists have been saying that Cleopatra was a women of powerful achievement. Since the fortune had it that Rome’s imperial regime was born from her defeat, Cleopatra played the role, as a unique as it was involuntary, of link between the Hellenistic and the Roman world. Her relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony permanently have impacted on Ancient Rome and Egypt. Her being with Caesar and Anthony led to deaths, Cleopatra had been part of Julius Caesar and Marc Anthony deaths. He began to make unwise decisions. Cleopatra was thus heir to a line of determined women who were often the object of sincere devotion on the part of the Egyptian people of inept or discredited. The early Cleopatra’s have not enjoyed the fame of their last ancestor. The situation of in the Ptolemaic kingdom by around the year 50 was a depressing. The Ptolemaic monarchy was going down into this already highly structured…show more content…
She fought for her throne she was a strong female leader living in an ancient, male dominant, and yet made her impact on history. Cleopatra’s leadership distinguished her from the other Cleopatra’s of her day. She is an important leader to Egypt and also one of the most influenced female leaders in her time with more power than most female leaders can acquire. She is an important female leader in history because her life in leadership influenced her people, Egypt, and the world that they can also rule their
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