The Negative Influence Of The Mongols

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Mongol armies tore through most of the ancient world throughout the 13th century. Pillaging and plundering every nation in their path, the Mongols left an impressive wake of destruction and death. The Mongols shook the world with the impact of their conquests, but not of their influence was negative. Overall the Mongols brought much needed change in politics and commerce to both China and the Middle East.
As the Mongols ravaged the plains of China, they needed to establish a new government to control the newly conquered people. The Mongols were distrustful of the Chinese governments and their Confucius ways, so they kicked the Chinese out of government and replaced them with Mongol rulers. In the Middle East however, the Mongols left the rulers and political system relatively unchanged except for establishing Mongol rulers in the highest positions of law. But Persian authorities still held smaller, less powerful positions. In general, the Mongols were much more relaxed in the governing of the Middle East. They didn’t care what their subjects did as long as they kept relative peace and payed their taxes.
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Obvious negative effects of the invasions were immediately evident such as death counts and destroyed property. But slowly peace was restored as the Mongol rule spread to much of the known world. Needed changes began occurring such as the Silk Road was reopened by the Mongols. The Mongols introduced gunpowder and the importance of written language. They contributed considerable to the commerce of both China and the Middle East as they once again began trading and exporting their goods and

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