The Negative Influences Of Hip Hop Culture

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Have you ever thought about how the hip-hop culture affects the society? The negative influence of Hip-hop on society. Hip-hop culture has been identified by the lifestyles of many. Hip-hop encouraged violence throughout society. Hip-hop songs promote violent behavior and some of them drugs. And They used degrading lyrics towards women. An example of hip-hop songs promoting violence and bad behavior is this song: "You heard of us, official Queensbridge murderers. The mobb comes equipped for warfare beware. Of my crime family who got nuff shots to share" -Moob Deep, Shook Ones- we can see very clear how he is promoting war and maybe threat the officer and that is a negative behavior. Another example of a song that promote drugs is: "Smoked…show more content…
Another example is N.W.A a group of Hip-hop singers, they have an album called Fak the police, that promotes violence. Now in this paragraph im going to tell you the counterargument. Hip-hop has good influences on society and teens. Hip-hop gives hope to youth. Must of the rappers rap about how their life was based on struggles while growing up. Once they became a succesfull rappers, they talk about overcoming obstacles and rising to the top. This message can give hope to many youths across America. For example Snoop Dogg and Notorious B, are rappers that had a hard and terrible past, full of struggles and drugs. But with Hip-hop they find a way to rise, and rap about their past and struggles. But i think when rappers get famous, they are more accecible to make ilegsl stuffs and more limitless, for example they were poor they cannot get a high quality and quantity of drugs, but if they are famous and rich they can. Now im going to talk about the las paragraph and my most powerful

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