The Negative Influences Of Social Inequality In The United States

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The negative influences of the social inequality in the United States
Where do you stand on the social inequality in the United States? People of different classes will give different answers. We should admit that the United States is the most powerful capitalist country in the world, where great advances in science and technology and the development of capitalism have brought a lot of benefits, which provides a great opportunity for the United States to become the richest country in the world. This wealth, however, can’t be enjoyed by everyone. In Born Poor and Smart, the author feels that he is not worthy of success because of the inequality of class. In When Shelter Feels Like a Prison, the author has not been able to live a normal life due to the inequality of income. In A Great Time to Be Live, the country has to have their eyes on the rich tax to reduce the income inequality. As a result, inequality does bring a negative influence on society. For the growing children, the impact is far more far-reaching. American social inequality will not only hurt people in life and spirit, but also will continue from generation to generation.
Speaking of inequality, the first thing we can remember is the poverty in life. Every normal person needs guaranteed housing, food and work. The social inequality in the United States can’t guarantee the normal life of the people. If the poor people have no place to live or work, they will not be able to live a normal life, and the society may
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