The Negative Role Of Social Media

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Abstract: Social media is the social interface among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Users of social media are escalating exponentially and it is changing the dynamics of social interaction by empowering them. In the society, the role of social media is very crucial as media creates awareness, change the perception of people and helps in decision making. Social media has become the voice of the people by shaping the way information is transmitted to the public. The paper highlights how social media, can raise social issues effectively and is definitely a boon to our world, yet misuse or irresponsible usage can have negative effects on individual and society. Keywords:…show more content…
It was found that social media has become a powerful tool in our society. It has really changed our thinking and the way we perceived things. So now it has confirmed that social media is an important tool for social change and use of this media to aware people about the social problems can benefit the society. Times are changing now people have started sharing social problems on social media so we can conclude that social media is an effective instrument for social change. No doubt we are living in a technocratic world where technology is teaching us and we are also using the technology with great zeal. The media used by Arab nations for bringing social change shows that social media has really changed the world. The information has really changed our way of thinking. Lots of people are using social media in India and this number will increase day by day. Social media can also bring progressive social change in a contemporary society to solve social problems. The only problem is that if billions of people are using social media but still there are lots of issues which are uncover and people don’t even want to discuss them. Social media is a very effective tool to change the perception of the society if used to raise these issues in a right way. Raise your voice against those issues which are overpowering us. In country like India we can freely share our thoughts on Facebook, twitter and many other social networking sites which do affect people’s perception so can we start using social media more and more for the social cause. India will become the largest user of social media, at present there are nearly 143 billion users of social media and if we look at the report of social media for social change then only 870769 people are involved in social change activities. So it is very important to have more and more users on social media
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