Globalization Persuasive Speech

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Opening/Attention: First let me introduce you to my topic. The greatest weapon of mass destruction is corporate economic globalization. From dawn to dusk, even all the food items we consume, we use 99% of the corporate products. It can be waking up to an alarm clock made in China, downing a cup of tea from the leaves first planted by the British, darling jeans designed in America, taking a japenese or Korean scooter to a Canadian college, where our essays are wriiten in Taiwanese laptop assembled in Malaysia, where your textbooks are printed with German invented technology on paper first popped in Sweden, you might call your friends in a South Korean mobile phones to invite them to Italian pizza. In the event of globalization, we have lost…show more content…
The gaps and differences between the classes of people is growing larger but not reducing. This encourages huge companies to use cheap labour. As long as there is one class of high ranged people, they are never going to let the other grow. This leads to the exploitation of human rights. Working in these factories means more hours, low wages and terrible conditions. And most of the regulatory boards are controlled by money and none will interfere in this injustice. Some work 100 hours per week and receive only a cent per hour ? Would you be able to live your life with $1.25 per day? You my tell me that the minimum wage is strict but even when educated people like us are taken advantage then what is the condition of the poor people out there. They are not aware of many laws and totally fooled b their employers everyday. c) A new pair of Nike shoe may cost you $125. But the worker who put his effort and bloodshed in making the product will be getting only a dollar of it. Your shoe price is his monthly wage. d) If anyone argues that globalization has led to mass development, my only reply to them is that if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. I think that is why people believe that globalization has let to mass development but it led to nothing but mass destruction. We all think that globalization is about eradication of world poverty. But it is a part of colonialism, remote controlled and digitally
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