The Negative Speech: Donald Trump

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Since being elected President of the United States in January 20th 2016, Donald Trump has used his twitter account as his main source of communication between him and the public. In his first year as president his tweets have been the cause of major criticism, as he has insulted other country leaders, yet he claims that it has allowed him to be closer to his voters and to voice his opinions and credits twitter as one of the main reasons why he is in the White House.
Since the beginning of technology, the human species has evolved immensely and our communication tools have surpassed all expectation of an average human living in the 19th Century. However, the evolution of technology has given rise to a knowledge issue of how different would our world be with technology? And more specifically how would we communicate without it? My generation has grown so used to have technology that they take it for granted and whenever we find ourselves without WiFi or 3G it seems like the stone ages. This then brought me to my knowledge question:
To what extent has technology changed the way we communicate?
In relation to my real life situation, Donald Trump is not the average president. When Barack Obama was elected he had a twitter
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It has allowed us to communicate in way we never thought possible. I can talk to my sister, that lives in Australia with a simple click of a button. Technology has allowed us to have a proximity with our loved ones who are not with us and certainly filled the void, when it came to missing someone. It has also allowed for easier channels of communication in companies and families with emails and conference calls. But, even with all of this evolution in the technology field, many people still like that face to face contact and so I think that even with all of the technology in the world being able to improve communication, there will always be a degree to which it is effective and at some point can even be

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