The Health Benefits Of Green Tea

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Green tea is a beverage inherited from our ancient forefathers, one found to have many benefits. In fact, you could say green tea is a miraculous drink. Originating in ancient China, almost 4000 years ago, it is made, like many other Chinese teas, of the leaves from Camellia sinensis. But unlike other teas, green tea is manufactured differently and that is what retains its beneficial properties.

Today, because of its nutritional and healing powers, it is famous the world over. Herbalists suggest everyone drink at least two cups a day, or take it as an all natural supplement. The benefits are enormous. It is known to reduce cholesterol, help in the loss of weight, but best of all it reduces the chances of getting cancer, and eliminates cancer
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The results also suggest that green tea ingredients hamper the growth of cancer cells.

It is rich in catechin polyphenols and specially (EGCG), a strong antioxidant. The antioxidants in green tea, eliminate free radicals that can damage DNA and this results in cancer growth. However, aside from being an anti-cancer nutrient, this tea can be beneficial in weight loss. It reduces the cholesterol levels, offers energy and calms the nerves. Additionally, green tea prevents tooth decay and kills bacteria.

Weight Loss Benefits

If someone wants to reduce his or her waist, adding green tea into the diet plan improves results. Recent research shows that this special tea extract increases the rate of the body 's calorie burning activity and decreases the fat in the blood, cholesterol and controls appetite. Tea supporters claim that it burns body fat too and leads to enhanced muscle endurance. It is a natural energy booster and increases the
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The properties are known to keep you alert. So whether school work, work or other things keep you awake, this is going to be your drink!


There is some evidence that suggests that consuming excessive volumes of this beverage may cause liver toxicity and oxidative stress. For this reason, this oriental tea is not suitable for those suffering with severe hypertension problems. In some people green tea is known to o cause heartburn and chest pain, but the risks are minimal. As with everything, excesses are not a good thing. Still, drinking green tea is quite healthy, but only if it is consumed in reasonable amount.

As Good As Resveratrol

Experts also believe that the tea is the solution to the French Paradox (the French have diets that are rich in fats, yet have a longer longevity due to the resveratrol and polyphenol contained in wine). It may be twice as powerful as resveratrol which explains why the Japanese have significantly low rates of heart disease.


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