The Negative Speech: The Dangers Of Addiction

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All love addicts raise your hands! All facebook addicts raise your hands! Hugot, hugot! Are you shabu? Cause you’re addictive. Kidding aside, I have a story I had a grandmother who was involved in an accident, she is required for her hip to be replaced. So to ease her pain, she was hooked into a drug which is diamoprhine. What is diamorphine? Diamorphine is the legal and deluxe version of heroin which is injected to patients who suffers from extreme pain. So I was like, oh my god! Maybe after her recovery she will become an addict! She will become a victim of Oplan Tokhang. But to my surprise after her recovery, she was never addicted. She never had to use the drug again, so I asked myself is what we know about addiction is actually correct? Or is there more to it? And that is what I will persuade you that we must look at addiction differently than what we actually know. There were series of experiments conducted to determine the cause of addiction, and according to the experiment of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, where in they put a rat in a cage with water laced with cocaine and clean water after a week the rat became addicted and died. However, a Canadian physiologist Bruce K. Alexander finds something wrong with this experiment so he made his own experiment which he called, the Rat Park experiment. In this experiment, he puts a rat in a rat park which is a heaven for rats, where they have infinite food, toys and fellow rats to have sex with along
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