Drug Addiction Persuasive Speech

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All love addicts raise your hands! All facebook addicts raise your hands! Hugot, hugot! Are you shabu? Cause you’re addictive. Kidding aside, I have a story I had a grandmother who was involved in an accident, she is required for her hip to be replaced. So to ease her pain, she was hooked into a drug which is diamoprhine. What is diamorphine? Diamorphine is the legal and deluxe version of heroin which is injected to patients who suffers from extreme pain. So I was like, oh my god! Maybe after her recovery she will become an addict! She will become a victim of Oplan Tokhang. But to my surprise after her recovery, she was never addicted. She never had to use the drug again, so I asked myself is what we know about addiction is actually correct?…show more content…
That’s all mam. Have you ever heard the war on drugs? Do you think it is effective? For me, in my opinion we have been fighting this war for decades and I think we are actually failing rather than succeeding however this is my opinion so ladies and gentlemen here I am in front of all of you to discuss the war on drugs; what is war on drugs? The war on drugs is an American term commonly applied to a campaign of prohibition of drugs, military aid, and military intervention, with the stated aim being to reduce the illegal drug trade. The plan of this war on drugs is to eliminate the illegal drug trade and right now in our country our president Rodrigo Duterte has commenced an all-out war against drugs, there are many critics both local and international. His main critic is Leila De Lima opposing him against Extra Judicial Killings. It has been, the headlines of local newspapers and news shows. As of now, according to Rappler 1,550 drug personalities killed in police operations, as of October 10 and 2, 294 victims of extra judicial killings or vigilante style killings as of October 3, in total the death toll has reached over 3, 844
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