The Negative Use Of Technology And Technology

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Jaymica V. Llera BC 12 - FF
Nina Rose Talaub
2nd draft: Technologies now a day are very accessible not only to the teenagers but also to the young children and adults. Yes, technology can help the lives of people to make the things easier, but if you will abuse it, there will be consequences that might happen. More or less 90% of the teenagers are got addicted to the technology. Teenagers who are overly exposed to technologies should lessen their time in using gadget because it can affect their studies, it can make them lazy in doing household chores and it can affect their health. Technology can greatly affect the studies of the teenagers in a way that their mind set is only focusing to the gadgets wherein they will forget some of their duties being a student. They are more focused to the use of technology without knowing the disadvantages on how could it affect to their studies. Somehow, students are more dependent in getting information from the internet. This practice is not good because some information taken from the internet is not always reliable for them to be learned. By this, they will no longer rely on the books as their main sources of information. The use of books will no longer given value since they are already interested in studying using the computers. Teenagers are more likely abusing the use of the technology in terms of researching their simple homework’s or assignments and projects which they can also get or look for some information from

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