The Negro's Complaint Analysis

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Poetry Analyzation:

Both Cowper and Poe have very distinct writing styles and techniques, as Cowper writes poetry that revolves around religion and Poe differs with essays that involve many imaginative and dark aspects, such as a theme of death. In one of his poems “The Negro’s Complaint” , Cowper demonstrates his writing skills through a controversial poem that brings god and slavery together. This poem was used as an act of conscience, because of the guilt he felt for the “sin” of using African-Americans as pawns of slavery by his people. Cowper made this poem to give those who are not heard, a voice, and to raise awareness for those who cannot riot or protest for their own freedom, hoping to result with putting reality into the conscience of slave owners. The poem is constructed into seven stanzas, organized in iambic pentameter containing a rhythm of “ababcdcd”, throughout the rhythm of the poem comes reflection to the emotions of the speaker whom is a slave. In one stanza the slave uses his curiosity to ask god why cotton plants were made (the slaves mostly worked through picking cotton plants).

“Why did all-creating nature
Make the plant for which we toil?

and how horrible it is for anyone to be a slave,

Think, ye masters iron-hearted...
How many back have smarted
For the
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This whole poem shows how Cowper is a man of religion and uses real time events to show how God provides a path for excellence, while people take advantage of it. “Cowper 's immense popularity owed much to his advocacy of religious and humanitarian ideals at a time of widespread Evangelical sentiment, manifest as much in the moral zeal of the antislavery movement, which he fervently
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